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Insurance Act 2018

Porceeds of Crime Anti-Terorism Finacncial Intellegence Unit Act 2014

For more information go here: http://www.central-bank.org.tt/content/amlctf-legislation-and-regulations 

The Motor Vehicle and Raod Traffic Ammendment Act 2017

Insurance Bill 2016

Tax Information Exchange Agreement Bill 2016

Workmens Compensation

An Act to provide for the payment of compensation to workmen for injuries suffered in the course of their employment.

The Securities Act, 2012

AN ACT to provide protection to investors from unfair, improper or fraudulent practices; foster fair and efficient securities markets and confidence in the securities industry in Trinidad and Tobago; to reduce systemic risk, to repeal and replace the Securities Industry Act, Chap. 83:02 and for other related matters

The Proceeds of Crime Act - 2000

AN ACT to provide for the consolidation of the confiscation of the proceeds of drug trafficking and to provide for the confiscation of the proceeds of other crime and the criminalising of money laundering.

The Proceeds of Crime Act (Amended - 2009)

The Proceeds of Crime (Amendment) Act, 2009

AN ACT to amend the Proceeds of Crime Act