Motor FAQs

Motor Traders are those people involved in the motor car trade, like the straightener, the auto mechanic, the air-conditioning technician, the electrician, auto distributors, e.g. Neal & Massy, Toyota or Diamond Motor.

A comprehensive Motor Policy covers damage to the Insured Vehicle, by accidental collision, overturning, fire and theft among other things. Subject to its terms and exclusions, the policy also covers the Insured's liability to Third Parties for bodily injury or property damage arising out of the use of the Vehicle. The Insured may also opt for additional benefits for Windscreen Damage, Personal Accident, and Special Perils which include earthquake, hurricane, windstorm and flood.

There is no difference. The word "full" is being dropped in the industry. A Comprehensive policy contains the widest form of cover that is available from an Insurance Company.

The additional benefits provide cover for breakage of windows and windscreen without any effect to the insured no claim discount or an excess being applied.

Always make a report to the Police as soon as possible and within 48 hours of the occurrence of the accident.

Report to your Insurance Company as soon as possible. A claim form must be completed which will outline the circumstances of the accident.

Bills must be provided to support the claim. An adjuster will be retained to adjust the loss and make recommendations.

The Insurance Company will negotiate a settlement with the claimant. On conclusion, an offer and acceptance must be signed by the claimant.

A payment will be made by them Insurance Company in settlement of the claim.

Insured persons can adopt risk conscious measures to protect their vehicles.

Such measures include:

- refrain from parking in dark lonely areas.

- install security devices i.e. alarms, locking devices, immobilizers, and the like.

To reduce accident claims:

- Cultivate responsible driving habits.

- Refrain from driving while under the influence of alcohol and other substances including sedatives and prescribed drugs which induce drowsiness.

- Always maintain your vehicle in a road-worthy condition.

- Always drive within the speed limit

Most policies exclude driving by anyone who is under the age of 25 years or who has held a full driver's license for less than 2 years unless such person has been declared to the insurance company and the terms for their inclusions as an authorised driver have been agreed.

An extra premium is usually payable, and a higher deductible on any claim must be borne by the Insured.

In general, collision coverage will pay for damage to your vehicle resulting from an accident. Comprehensive coverage will pay for damage to your vehicle resulting from theft, vandalism, and other non-collision related perils.

Many persons have asked this question and the answer is quite simple. The Valuator performs an act called a Valuation or an Appraisal. This act seeks to properly assess the current value of the vehicle for insurance purposes. An Independent Valuator, who is associated with neither the insurance company nr the vehicle owner, is recommended as this person will provide an unbiased assessment of the vehicle.