Objectives Of The Association

  1. To promote and encourage the development in Trinidad and Tobago of an insurance industry suitable to the needs of the community and capable of making genuine contributions to the economic welfare and development of the country.
  2. To consult together as to problems affecting insurance companies incorporated in Trinidad and Tobago and to take such action from time to time as may be thought proper and expedient.
  3. To collect and disseminate statistical or other information relating to the insurance industry in Trinidad and Tobago and elsewhere and all or any other matters that may be thought to be in the interest of the Association
  4. To encourage and assist insurers in Trinidad and Tobago in the maintenance of proper standards of insurance practice, in public relations and advertising.
  5. To promote uniformity among member companies in matters of general administration.
  6. To make such representation to Governments in the Caribbean or else where (central, municipal or local) and to promote, support or oppose such legislation or other measures as may be thought fit.
  7. To advance the propagation of learning in matters relating to insurance among its members and the public by way of research, meeting conferences, seminars, symposiums, lectures and the dissemination of educational material on insurance on an on-going basis to improve communicable knowledge in the field of insurance.